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Free Carbon Calculator

A Free Carbon Calculator has been intoduced by the Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre (STCRC) which enables Australians to calculate their carbon emissions when on holidays.

The STCRC carbon calculator was created following a recent Roy Morgan Research study which revealed that while 62% of Australian holiday makers are interested in participating in a carbon emission offset scheme, only 4% have actually participated in the past.

STCRC, the world’s largest dedicated tourism research organisation, have provided a simple four-step process which runs through areas such as transport, accommodation and holiday recreation, and provides users with a simple overview of where their emissions come from.

The online tool also provides a number of tips on how to enjoy a more sustainable break, from planning and travel to actions you can take at your destination.

Once you have calculated your planned holiday’s carbon emissions the online calculator links through to a list of carbon offset providers.

CEO of Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre, Ian Kean, says “There is an increasing global trend in travellers concerned about the impact their holiday might have on the environment.

“This calculator allows holidaymakers here to simply and accurately asses the carbon emissions of their Aussie holiday. We hope to encourage visitors to be more aware of how their activities impact on the environment, and learn new ways to reduce their emissions.”

The calculator presents users with some interesting findings for example if a family of four on a 10 day holiday chooses to camp for even half of their trip, they would save 113 kg of carbon emissions.

Other findings from the online resource show that if holidaymakers choose the vegetarian option for half of their meals, they can save 1.5kg of carbon emissions each per day.

STCRC was formed to support the development of a dynamic, internationally competitive, and sustainable Australian tourism industry.

In consultation with a broad cross section of stakeholders, STCRC undertakes research into the strategic challenges facing Australian tourism and produces reports, information, tools and product s to improve business practices and inform policy development.

The STCRC uses information from the Department of Climate Change as well as international flight emissions data to feed the Free Carbon Calculator.