Advertising is one of the most used methods to make money online . One of the easiest ways to monetize a blog is by using Google Adsense Account, the best known online advertising platform on the Internet. Below we will see everything you need to know to make money with Google Adsense .

What is Google Adsense?

Adsense is the online advertising platform, which belongs as its name indicates to Google, and with which we can monetize a blog for passive income .

Whether you have a blog or a YouTube channel, you can use Google Adsense to place ads on your blog or channel, and earn money each time one of your readers clicks on those ads.

How does Google Adsense work?

To know how Adsense works we have to start explaining that it is Google Adwords.

Adwords is an advertising platform where all types of companies pay to advertise to get web traffic to the websites of their businesses.

Advertisers can invest in an advertising campaign from small amounts (about € 100) to the maximum amount they want (not exactly what the limit).

If you have a blog and want to monetize it, when you sign up for Google Adsense, you can choose the size and format of the ads to use in your blog and Adsense and just place the ad code that Adsense provides.

By implementing it in your blog, ads will automatically start appearing in your blog ads that have paid to advertise in Adwords.

Google uses a series of technologies for your blog to appear relevant ads to your visitors (depending on the theme of your blog, the geographical location of your readers and other factors).

For every click your readers make on the ads that appear on your blog, you will receive a small amount of the money that the advertiser of that ad has paid to Google Adwords.

Here’s an example of an ad unit in Adsense.

Imagine that you have a blog called “101 pets for your home” , where you publish information about the different types of pets that exist to have at home.

On the other hand we have a company that has an online store of “dog food” , which has made an investment in an ad campaign in Google Adwords, to get web traffic to your online store, and increase your income.

You decide you want to monetize your pet blog, sign up for Google Adsense Account and place the ads on your blog.

Automatically, Google makes the announcement of the online dog food store is reflected in your blog, as you think it may interest your readers.

One of your readers (who has two dogs at home) sees the dog food ad, and clicks on the ad. The ad directly directs the reader to the online dog food store, where he decides to buy a pair of feed packets for his dogs.

Just because your reader has clicked on the ad, you receive a small amount of money (from several cents to several euros) that is reflected in your Adsense account.

Keep in mind that you get money only because the reader clicks on the ad, even if the reader reaches the advertiser’s business and decides not to buy anything.

If at the end of the month your earn more with Adsense account, Adsense will make the income of the money in the bank account that you have provided.